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by Interpol | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Finally music for dancing gets popular in America!

Pros: Phenomenal Christian rock from SCOTLAND!
Cons: thatT’s right, SCOTLAND who would of think it!

Maybe your not like me someone who is slightly older then some of you but that is does not matter…still, though. Some of you heard perhaps of NEW WAVE, which comes from England in 1978. A revolution of sound where people all od a sudden said. HEY, let’s stop wearing flares pants and just dance to some music for a change instead of sitting with headphones and being depressed or too sleepy to have a good time.” It was fun for about four years and I am lucky enough to have been there.
THEN music got sad again because of world conditions, CDs and theyre prices, MTV videos that were not creative. So anyway along comes TA-DA , Interprol with a sound that is totally like HEY MAN REMEMBER NEW WAVE, and I for one am thankful about it. You should be too.
Listen to songs like A LADDER IS A ‘V’ TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, or FROZEN HERO or AN ENGLISH SLAP IN THE FACE or even MY DELICIOUS SPARKLNG TROLLIP and you will be worn out just from listening let alone even all the dancing youll will be doing from the word GO.
They look like a lot of young bands to day. Kind of like ‘hey, my Members Only jacket is more oily and shorter on the sleeves then your’es is’. Or, all like ‘Look at ME I am totally looking away from the camera when the guy or girl is taking that picure of us’. Or also like, ‘HEY DUDE i bet i have not washed my hair in a longer time then you have, NUH-uh no way, i have’nt done it in longer then you, NOWAY, etc.’ But you must forgive them they are only doing what the maangaement tells them to do. just listen to THE MUsic and you’ll will see, IT’S THAT GOOD1! NOW get ready to have a dance party like you cannot be willing to forget no matter what time it is.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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