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Brass Knuckles - BRYAN EVENING

Brass Knuckles

by Nelly | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

IT time to be quiet for two second and listen to NELLY! HEs THAat GOOD!

Pros: I cannot stop takeing into the CD play m achine and listen to it!
Cons: Hold on whiel I think up the prooper Nouns to tell how gREAT he made HIS Music compact disk (CD)

First off all NELLY made a picture ath the front of this music Disk cover album like he has a itch on his face. And he is scratfching it with a specail towel on his hand—smart move to prevents infection (its cold a flu season just about() BUT he also he is looking down at his many type of Tattooes across his body adn thinking OH MAN WHY HAVE I DONE THIS THESE THINGS ARE WRITED IN PERMANENT INK. CAN I WASH THEM OF? NOPE TO LATE. So he decided to write songs about that problem and stick them all together on a music compack disc (CD). Then guess what, WE get to luck out and BUY the thing! What could be better? BEsides maybe extra gravy or a sleepover? Listen NELLY made up this batch of songs for us and they aer for US to listen to in a room. Listen to this amplified pcinic basket of music songs: SANTA BROUGHT ME AN ARCHERY SET, SIGNIFICANT MAMBO, STEP INTO THE HEADACHE MACHINE, MY FRIEND FROM VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, A POEM ABOUT CANADIAN BIRDS, IT’S NOT A THREAT IT’S A MISTAKE, I LEFT MY JACKET ON THE BANDWAGON and the song that have ben played ALL summer long for you to dance to and sing, BALLAD OF THE SELF LOADING SALAD SHOOTER. LISten to Bryan E. —–NELLY made up the style of sing ing called RAP,it was in all the papers. Its where a guy start yelling about eveyrthing instead of deciding to sing about it—then everyone makes a CLAP sound and you plauy it in a car loud enouhgh to make teh speakers blow UP—thats RAP and no one made it better then NELLY>. Enjoy this right away BEFORE its gets too late to think about doing something else of all of a sudden…goodnight BRY AN E.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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