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Chinese Democracy - BRYAN EVENING

Chinese Democracy

By Guns n’ Roses | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

NOt only did they take their time, they took OURS too—and BOY was is it worth it!

Pros: It’s GREAT to hear Ramsey Bacon on the banjo again!that guy is a CHAMP!
Cons: Finally in time to stuff every stocking, plus just buy it for yourselfs! ITS THAT GOOd.

Hey you GUYS it’s always FUN when I get to make a annoucnenment like this one—listen for it its coming now—GUNS OF ROSES are BACK! They returned to the rock music industry scene after taking a break becuase they got tired of it. Your remember the main guy ALEX ROSS, he was kind of the Boss of the band. He could yell the loudest so he got the job.THEY had a bunch of different guys all playing in the band till he said OKAY NEXT GUY PELEASE…you remember them, Pirate Anton, Glammy, Bizzle, Acheword Hayworth, Daddy G.F.I. X2, Nick the Girdle, Stroppy Biddlesdorf, Koo-Koo Galore, Zipz, Bonfiglio Cochina, and Corbin Bernson. Someimtes a guy would get kicked out, sometimes the dude would never show up, sometimes he forgot the address, sometimes they fighted about who got to wear the tophat, sometimes the dude faked being sick so he could sleep in…it was all a big mess and it take a LONG time to jiggle it all out. But now (today)ALEX ROSS has got the band running like a fine machine that only goes at full speed and says GET OUT OF THE WAY.

So hold on to something that’s connected to something strong, or maybe made out of a strong metal handle (easier for the hand to hold onto it—trust me). What diid he do with all the time off of not making a album? Lot’s of things, to gain further experiences into living into which he might of be able to put into a song about some rough times or a lady ythhat made him sad. He worked as a camp counseler at The Frontier Dude Camp For Homesick Boys (a nice place—they features sunsets, horses, beans, wooden bunks, early wake up time—it helps boys become manly in casse they are not already), he worked briefly as a drunk man on the side of the road, he tried skyidiving until he saw how far down it was, he slept late, ordererd chicken, watched TV, and then the next thing you know—BOOM, 20 years later. It happens! So he decided to write a musical album of songs all about a story—HIS story! And guess what—you dont have to guess because I am about to tell you…his story of songs (like a MUSICAL from olden times) is a story about how he wrote the songs and make them to become a musical of storyu songs. So, you get to listen to the album CD, and then the songs come on and they tell you about how he writes them, all the time he is writing and you are listening! It’s like a complete circle about itself! The necks thing you know, you have heard the story songs about the songs, and then you have also heard the songs…DOUBLE times the fun, at only one times the listen! You will wont belieave it until you try it===and trying is the only way to hear this compasct music disc. Just listen to this dripping bucket head full of songs: SKIDDING TO A CONCLUSION, WHO’S THE KID WITH THE SHOVEL?, WEIRD LITTLE TEETH, ARE YOU EXOTIC OR ARE YOU JUST INSANE?, THE INCREDIBLE PET NAIL TRIMMER, YO I’M ‘BOUT TO GET MY SNEEZE ON YO, THE PUPPET THAT SWORE, ONE MAN’S POETRY IS ANOTHER MAN’S HEADACHE, KULAMONGARISH, GRILLED CHEESE AND SOUP, WHO LET THE PANTS OUT, STOP TICKLING MY ASSISTANT and the number One Rock Song since they first plopped it on the radio, I JUST TOUCHED THE WEIRDEST THING. So take it from me-if your like me, you already lovce this story, so you will already clearly love the so9hngs. You half to! Thanks, and enjoy this great listening experienebrought fresh from the farm from GUNS IN ROSES. Only six or eight songs about CHINA, too. Just about enogh! BRYAJN


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November 25, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music, New Release

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  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    *Nothing but the sound of a lone crazy person clapping enthusiastically*

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