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by James Taylor | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Attention AMERICA, its your time again for MELLOWNESS

Pros: This great guy have returned for MUSICAL excitements
Cons: You;’ll be able to enjoy this highlight of Mellow ness

Well finally some one have made a record that Saves you’re the trouble of getting on #14 bus, asking the usual nice guy for the spare ticket, making correct change even though prices only go UP UP ALL the time, riding to correct location then plopping down a HUGE Pocket of money for a coffee falvor drink then buying a music compact disc (know as CD’s, theyre are much better thabn TAPES, believe me) of the lastest hits recording of JTaytlor! Number one hardest working Man in show music, he brings the Mellow times to you! Directly! No coffee!Listen to this: JTaytlor was invented in the 1970 times of music, if you don’t remember than listen: things stopped being groovy and turned into being mellow because everybody was All TIRED out from being too groovy. It makes youSLEEPY, trust me, I saw it on a movie where they had motorcuycles and Bad TIMEs. So When everyone was all like HEY MAN I WANT SOME MELLOW TIMESalong comes JTAylor with his guitar skill and denim jeans look of mellowness. PLUS their was a mustache involved in the scene. People sat down and noticed it.Anyways, everybody became a MELLOW expert and JT had the most excellent version of MELLOW. MOre people bought his music tapes and record than they bought pajamAs or even Food! WELL guess what you cant beleive it he is STILL offering mellow times that are softer than a eastermorning marshmellow candy rabbit, fresh out from the Oven. ITS THAT GOOD. He made this new record just for people who enjoy sitting quitely with dress pants on, saying no thank you, they have had enough delicious tea and cake, lets just sit here and listen and discuess the latest friendly book choice of Opearah’s TV book choice meeting club. And the we can listen to this latest JT record explosion of songs he made up: SEND THESE PANCAKES BACK, I’LL BE YOUR ROCKET SLED, THE DOG THAT COST A THOUSAND DOLLARS, I BORROWED YOUR FANCY LOTION, EMERGENCY BACK SURGERY, I FEEL LIKE A DECK SHOE IN DECEMBER, ULTIMATE SLAPFIGHT and his new latest number one hit VINEYARD PEASANT BLOUSE PENT-UP DIVORCEE BLUES which have a Great Dance beat rhythym type of thing. Listen to it first and You’ll will see what I mean. You will dance or at least Think about it (Dancing).OK so welcome Back to JT MELLOwness experience! We could have not have you had come back at a BETTER time! Thank you FROM an nation (USA)that is Fighting hard to be mellow——-


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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