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by Z-Ro | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

KIDS will love this bounce-a-long good time of HAPPY SOngs!

Pros: Tremdendously storytelling music songs WITH tons of RAP!
Cons: LISTEN: Z-ro has a Z but he gets a A PLUS grade for RAP EFFORT!

I must have admit it: When I first didn’t hear of ZRO I was all like WELL OKAY I HALF NOT HEAR OF THIS GUY BUT COME ON GIVE IT T A TRY.and you know what—–it was all of a sudden like a BOOMING explosion in my face and head.THE Music of ZRO seem to pretend it was a kick with a heavy boot (I wear sized 9 but i am trying to do better with exercise to improve…hope to be a 10 by the holiday Seasons) and then all sudden WAKE UP TIME. He have made a very interesting record about using the RAP style where it is mainly one dude yelling towards you about all the times he had too much money and didnt care what people thought about it. Then somebodyy gave me this CD compact disc and BOOM, explosion Time—-I was talked about it earlier, just look up and you can see it….the music had a explosion sound of rap. You mus have remembered when i mentioned that. OK? So, listen again—-this is a Professional Rap Expert, singing cheerfully made soungs for toddlers, pets, grandma, friends, church people, workers, people in a house, car drivers—-you GET IT—all type of people are going to listen and get kicked by this guy. Youre going to want to SHARE it with a close personal Person in the vaciniity because if something is great you want to share it,it’s that simple PLUS its the LAW. SHARE IT>>>ok heare is the listing of songs ZRO have made, ELEGY FOR DAME MYRA HESS, JIP-JOP CRUNKLEDUNKLE THE CLOWN, I HOPE THESE PANTS COME BACK IN STYLE, REFRIGERATOR MAGNET LOVE POEM, I KILLED A DUDE WITH A BANJO, NEXT STOP PENGUIN TOWN, SOUP SOCKET, and the number one hit you will crank it up when you drive to work or to the store ESCAPE FROM A POISONOUS SITUATION. ok listen once more—if you are looking for good TIMESgood music good epxxperience enjoyable food comforting chair then listen no further—ZRO has the answers to the bad times in youre life for your to LISTEN to. its THAT Good.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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