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Dig Out Your Soul - BRYAN EVENING

Dig Out Your Soul

by Oasis | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

NOT only have they made up a great music, they have invented a Tremendous Hairstyle to go along with it!! GREAT JOB blokes (Englishmans word for what he calls another friend—-bloke,look it up)__

Pros: Sound like s aWINNER from the get up and go—just listen right away, you;;ll get it
Cons: The two fellows (BLOKES, english style) stopped strangling each other and decided to PRESS the recorfding button—-GREAT idea! IT WOrked!

OK hey LOOK—you know ME. I think USA is number one.FACT! but listen for one sceeond, theres like lot’s of other coutnrys out there—tons of them from a to Z. You could go broke in the mouth just trying to name them all, PLus you will be dizzy afterwards and hungry probably too. SO lets be agreed on that subject matter. BUT if you ever become aware to the country of ENLGAND you will have to be known that OASIS are almost as great as any band that have ever made MUSIC in a rock style and said HELLO CHAPS HOW ABOUT A SPORT OF TEA. That’s OASIS—-maybe you would consider them the USA NUMER one version in England= like ENGLAND NUMBER ONE. but lets stop counting and just enjoy the ENGLISH donkey sausage and gravy biscuits with owl sauce breakfast of Greatest hits contain in this ONE verys special CD disc of music—just listen: BLOOMING CADBURY DANDY DRUGS PARTY, WHO ATE THE CATFOOD BY MISTAKE?, CHAMPAIGN URBANANOVA, THE WEE FELLA WITH THE WALKING STICK, I VOTED FOR THE TROLL, SOFT LOVE IN A BORROWED GARMENT, BRINGING MY LADYFRIEND TO THE CAGE FIGHT, YOU OUGHTA HAVE THAT LOOKED AT, RUNNING THIS THING INTO THE GROUND and the most worldwide smash of recent timess that made everybody sing along until it was time to turn the thing off afterhearing it like five hundred times a day REGINALD PETTICOAT HAD A SMASHING JOLLY TIME. whew it’s almost like a headache having so many GREAT songs to choose from but these guys have always done it right and even when they did it wrong they just kept going like nothing ever happened until eveyrbody almost forgot about how it went bad for a while — but are you goiing to tell them?not me. just look at them! they might be MEAN, hey listen….you are going to LOVE this compacy music DISC of oasis!


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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