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by A Perfect Circle | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

MAN WHoever made up the title had a GREAT GUESS!

Pros: ITS so emotioanal you can not even barely listening without imagining sadness and thoughts
Cons: I heard THEIR SONG on the lottery commercial and LOVED IT!

Well, soemtimes you are listening to a radio (I OWN MORE THEN ONE, so you should know it by NOW ———- I love music! ENought to have boughten like 4 to five radios for only one house) and you think (OR speak if someone else;s there with you lets say in a car or the house also works) MAN, WHAT HAPPEND TO MUSIC? IT USE TO BE ENJOYABLE! and then, BOOM, like a cannon full of golden mud, out comes PERFECT CIRCLES. and you think forget it i was wrong, there’s is still a chance for some GOOD MUSIC INAMERICA.
this one is no exception to that rules. I tell you why:
1. You get GREAT songs with this CD. you want a example, fine her you go.
Toe-tapping sing along happy songs: YOUR FACE LOOKS A LITTLE BETTER, TICKETY CLOCK or THERE’S A CLOWN IN MY SOUP all should do the trick.
Sad songs witch express loss and meaningful things to think about and make into a song: IT’S ONLY AN EXTREME ILLNESS, A HEART LIKE A THIN KIND OF EXPENSIVE PAPER, and the song that makes the album theyre greatest album yet, HOW CAN I NOT BE INSANE?
2: EMOTION – people, its in the TITLE! Its in EVERY SONG!
3. Fun Puzzles and games on their website and even a decent chat room, too.
4. I Want TO SEE THE VIDEO! has anyone seen it yet! Right to me for sure soon and tell me watch channel it is on! I GOT My tv fixed finally! Only 90 bucks down payment!
5. LOOK at ALL the reasons againa nd tell me you dont agree! PERFECT CIRCLES have made not only a GREat1! CD but also a statemtent of ART that says “LOOK OUT WORLD, THE HUGGGING POLICEMAN IS COMING!”
Plus its FUN! And we all need that! So go have fun at your nearest place and enjOY! YOURSELF! from Bryan E.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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