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Great Divide - BRYAN EVENING

Great Divide

by Scott Stapp | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

His best album/CD work since TOFU INSERT

Pros: his voice breathes a musky cloud of life into everything it touches
Cons: HEY GUESS what if you are passionate about passion then step right up

OK AMERICA you have had a tough year due to certain instances of nature or unfortunateness in other areas. Well hold on sit tight loosen youre belt like after you had to much turkey and sweet potatos at Halloween — you get to finally relax and do something soothing to yourself. SCOTT STAPP the frontvoice of Cream have finally decided WELL ITS solo time for me see you later. And it couldnt of come at a more needy time. He sings our lifes right back to us, never letting us even blink because he is right there , all the time, singing and singing until we say loudly THANKS WE GET IT. and we get it good. and often. Listen to this Jumbo Pack of songs with extra sauce on the side: GETTY LEMMBEE HOOMBOW, REEEEARGH FOOOOLLLEEEAAYYYUH, MEEEEEOOOHMOW BEEEEEEOBLY, and SOMEONE GAVE ME A KITTEN. Plus if you turn the CD over to the other side like a record there is a dvd of Scott Stapp looking into a camera and discussing questions about how awesome it is to feel his thoughtts and then quick write them down so it can be made into a record that we can all enjoy just by flipping the cd back over to the original side. I hope that is not confusing. Plus he gives his personal oatmeal cookie recipe (he uses rum!) you will love it. ITS THAT GOODfrom Bryan!


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November 11, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “Great Divide”

  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    When I read this post I was skeptical about Bryan’s foray into cuisine… then I remembered I was reading Bryan “Never Say Die” Evening!

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