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I am…Sasha Fierce - BRYAN EVENING

I am…Sasha Fierce

By Beyoncé | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Sometimes you hear something and you just cant belieiv e it! Well this is IT

Pros: it’s like a gift)
Cons: Theres about like 25 songs altogether—you cannot stop, because it keeps going! Just our LUCK!

Listen, some of you can remember her from her television show, wear she plays like the host lady’s always asking the quietstions from blue notebook cards like we had in school—the show is a EXCELLENT one, called CELEBRITY KNIFE FIGHT. IF you dont remember, then just grab your local TV and click around with the thing until you find IT. ITS THAT GOOD, you gotta watch. Anyways, BEYONCE ask the querstion and then theres a answer, and if its wrong –BOOM, here come’s the knife. Look out! She is also the spokeslady for Atkinson’s Diabetes Socks, which is a good cause and make her lots of money and friends.But then one day she decided to make a albums full of SONG. This one is fortunate to be on CAMPACT DISC (CD), and it’s almost like nothing else you would of ever heard of, even though its got not even one knife on it, but still plenty of fighting. She decided to became the most popular lady singer since Barbare Stresshand made The Great Gatsby, everybody saw the movie and it was all like OK she can sing and dance and act in a movie, what else cant she do? Its Like BEYONCE has become the new senseation like Barabeare S., singing dancing, acting, getting her picture took on every magazine they have by the gum when you are paying for the food you just bought. Not just food for you or other humans, but cats food too sometimes depending on if you have a cat or not. If you don’t, Forget it! Don’t buy the cat food! Save the money expecially during these tough times for American Wallets. So, talking about value for the money, let’s get back to Beytonce, she was like OK, if we half to charge money for this thing lets fill it up with songs so it lasts the whole time the person is in the car driving to a place and listening to Beyonce. It keeps going with the songs. And believe me there is a whole roasted pig bangquet of songs to listen to, just watch the next words for some of then songs:– EATING CRACKERS WITH A GOBLIN, A GOOD FRIEND IN A LOUSY MOOD, THE DELINEATION OF A HYPOTHESIS, WHO FARTED IN THE LIMO?, DADDY’S LITTLE MONEY MACHINE, THE GRUNTING DANCE SONG, MEET ME AT APPLEBEE’S, I DELETE ALL YOUR WEIRD EMAILS WITHOUT READING THEM (REMIX), YOU ARE THE SPROCKET THAT ROCKS THE DOCKET, PARTY IN OUTER SPACE, and who can forget her greatest duet singalong with D.J. Killing Machine, the greatest song to make the dance floor a insane region to be, LET’S GO ON A RAMPAGE OF POLITENESS. If youre are like me, plus most of American, then you are way too excited about this CDisc great new music. you are probably jumping up and down—i think thats a gREAT IDEa.i don’t blame you—I am going to start jumping along also—thanks for the great idaea about Jumping!BRYAN


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November 25, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music, New Release

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One Response to “I am…Sasha Fierce”

  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    Oh dear God this post hurts my eyes… and yet I can’t look away. It’s like a massive pile up on the interstate involving nothing but clown cars. Bravo Mr. Evening.

    PS I like how your byline is actually part of the post. Break the paradigm man!

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