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Live in Boston [DVD & CD] - BRYAN EVENING

Live in Boston [DVD & CD]

by Fleetwood Mac | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Fleetwood to the MAX is what this should be called

Pros: Did you ever see them live on a tape or DVD before?
Cons: NOW its your chance to see it and listen!

Fleetwood MAC have been making soft rock about love and witches for nearly 40 years and there’s no sigsn of them stopping now, a part from slightly droopy faces. When you hear the songs like “Would You Love To Love “HEr” coming out of the TV (mine is hooked up to the stereo player with wires, for a better more complete sound) you must wonder: what time is it? They look beautiful especially the woman who twirls and twirls and sings with that mentholated voice: She is simply Steve Nicks! FOREVER!
They had some fighting in 1985-1999 and so they were not on tour, but then they decided the past was the past so let’s get on with it. They have came back with several records that are just as good as theyre past records, because they are greatest hits records. Lucky us (the FANS!) because we deserve it. When they sing “You Will Never Make The Chain” or ” Ryannon Sings Like A Witch In The Night” or “Let’s Dance Around” or “Ultimate Party” it’s like hearing a band that is playing the best music ever written by the best musical players to ever play it (them) in front of any crowd anywhere. You HALF to get this DVD plus CD! One is to watch and the other is to listen…put them together and you have a Fleetword MAX collection that cannot be equalled, only by themselfs. Warning: if you don’t have time to watch the whole DVDs in one setting, then be careful- you might be late! It’s THAT good! (Bonus points award for the cameraman who made a picture of the bug eyes drummer Mike Fleetword! He makes the WHOLE show sticking out his eyes, like “WHOA it’s time to rock, people!” You have to SEE it for yourself!”)


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, DVD review, Music

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