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Paper Trail

By T.I | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Finally a record made about Science CLass that you can dance along with!

Pros: Don’t worry it not like They Have a TEST or somethign!—you just get to listen)
Cons: but MAN you’ll will be learning lot’s of facts and quizzes while you are sitting there listne to it.

FIRST OFF t you have to have rememebr MAGMUM T.I. television show—-it was on all the televisions for a LONG time, until they talked if off the Airwaves for not being appreciated at t night time by enough people.What can I SAY—I tried but boom theyre it went. But LISTEN, you remember MAGMUM used a secret mustache, a fancy modern helicppoter, several dogs, kisses from a LADY and help from a ENGlish mMan to help solve crimes. WHAT did he use the most of–-SCIENCE! It’s like a fact that every boday knows—if there is a crime, Bring in some SCIENCE, and you will work that stuff out. It never fails. Stand back and let Science do the job. You go have a Soda Can—it will get solve by SCIENCE. So, then who decided to make the similar thing but with out the helicopoter or the MAN or the dogs but T,I. LISTen he have a made a musical acoomp;llueshjment like probably no body else have, because he wroted down a bunch of ideas that talked about science ideas, and then got his friend MC Greg Proops to attemtp to performance a whole barnyard of drum sounds that TI is able to sit back, nod his head and start yelling about SCIENCE.

All we get to do is listen—but when the facts of science are created in convenient rhymes we learn about air, weather, chickens, houses, rain, how they get toast to stay warm on a boat, what the moon smells like, when was Vic Tayback born—-all great science facts and questions, that we get to find out about here just by listening to TI make a yelling sound. Just listen to this duffle bag full of songs you get: ONE ADAM TWELVE, AMERICAN HANG GLIDER, WHO’S A LUCKY ROOSTER NOW?, YOU STING LIKE HOT KETCHUP, THE PRINCESS AND THE DICTAPHONE, SHORT-HAIRED LIFE PARTNER, CLUMPY SHOES AND BEANS, ABSOLUTE MURDER KILLING POWER OF DEATH, GOING TO THE CHAPEL OF DENNIS and the absolutely biggest popularity song of this whole summer that you Just CANT stop hearing it on the radio (car, house….ect.) I AM WEARING SANDLES TO YOUR FANCY WEDDING. If you dont buy IT (TI) oyu will be disapoinnted0—but look BUYiyt TI) and you will happy without even being able to beleive it. THANKS For Science! TI==byran evem.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “Paper Trail”

  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    In my mind’s eye I see Bryan writing this post. He is dressed in a lab coat and in the background T.I.’s album is playing so loud the windows are trembling. His neighbors think that the music is a bit loud, but no wants to bother him. Why? He’s doing some fucking science! Yes just writing this post is like a Ph.D. Bryan E. is now a zoologist in my books.

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