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Rock and Roll Jesus - BRYAN EVENING

Rock and Roll Jesus

by Kid Rock | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Pros: Throw this up in your car LOUDLY and you won’t want to drive slow
Cons: American superstar singer—he does it all, and he does it all over the place

HEY LISEEN UP—-ever realize something that makes perfect sense all of a sudden? I hope so, because listen to this. IF you are a adult, then GUESS what you started out as a CHILD. EVEN if you are medium size too, its the smame thing.Thing about this fact: all adults HALF To be started out as a child—it’s just part of SCIENCE. I didnt make that up—IT AFACT! Look it up in the science book, a library lady will help if you write it down NEATLY so she can read it good and remember don’t talk AT ALL in the library or they can cut your card into two pieces andd kick you OUT. BUT LISTEN—children of today are much more modern then ever before. IT’s like pareents made them listen to ROCK MUSIC instead that one guy with the puppet who plays the flute and sings only about rainbows and candy and naptime. MODERN kid’s are like FORGET IT. SO who cmomes along, smoking a kid friednly cigar (its cool because he doenst blow it in theyre face or anything—–he is respecting of childrens need for good breath from an adult) and waving around a gold flavord juice Box from a fancy limosine called The Stay In School Express===RIGHT IT’s Americas only number one KID ROCK. He make music for children to scream at theyre parent’s like but in a friendly way not one of fighting or being disobienced. And then if the kid get;’s all exciteable and starts breaking the windows, the MOM can be like, well its okay at least he is not out in the streets running around passed dinner time with strangers…thats Hwhy music is so important—it make kids have lot’s of energy to run around the house, not go off somewhere causing trouble till all the cows came home. SO every united states parents’ have some THANK YOU cards to send to KID ROCK for making music for children to have the loudest happiness they have ever think about. Just listen to this lunchbox of great songs for happy joy clapping and singing: THE POLICE WILL KILL YOU IF YOU WEAR THOSE PANTS, SINGALONG DONKEY KONG, A PET LIZARD FOR A SAD LADY, SCIENCE FICTION CARNIVAL, I’M SWITCHING TACO PLACES, BUNDRY BIDDLE BADDLE BOOM DIDDLYEEYAY, I SPILLED MANWICH ON A WHITE COUCH, EXPLODING GOLD TOOTH SURPRISE, THE ROOMATE THAT FORGOT TO FLUSH, ONE FOR THE LADIES-TWO FOR THE SHOW, and the hit that made summertime more manageable ONLINE VITAMIN SUCCESS STORY. Look even if you have Kids or dont even come close to–youre going to LOVE listening and hearing this triumphance of great USA music from a slender, Fun indivudale name KID ROCK, who have a name that says IT ALL.


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November 12, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “Rock and Roll Jesus”

  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    Well slap me silly! Bryan is right. I went to a library and after hours of diligent research it turns out that all adults were once children. As for Bryan’s review: it made me hop into a lowrider, thrust my arm out the window, and stick up random fingers. Yes if anyone could coax me into a car playing music by America’s number one badass it would have to be Bryan.

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