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That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy - BRYAN EVENING

That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy

By: Toby Keith | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

His best, most finest album since ‘You Should Be Kicked Out Of America’

Pros: T’his guy makes songs sound like national anthems for a country named Funville!
Cons: I bet he gives great HUGS!

Well, of course you remember this guy from the Nasvhille style of country hitmaking muysic that he helped invent along with such other newfound moustache riders like Clem Grimes, Jed Ricketts, The Filthy Harlots, Blenderfoot, The Camshaft Wranglers and Mark Farner’s Mistake. They decided to make Country Music even more American than ever before, by adding elements of tunefulness that could make you cry if you thought about it for too long, while inspiring listeners to get off the rodeo machine for three minutes and then standing there saluting whikle TOBY K> sings about how many great things America allowed him to purchase with his money, and don’t even think about trying to take it away from him or youll will get SHOT!. Its THAT good.

So here he have made one more record in a long cattle parade of records that have no equall in terms of any kind of quality. Plus you’ll won’t even believe how this guy makes yodeling fun again—seriously! ITs like you think you are listening to some sort of trained animal from a cartoon the way he just yodels and yodels…it’s like you want to say ‘somebody please stop electrifying that poor duck with high volt of electricity!’ then you hear it’s just Toby doing his yodel sounds (on almost every one of these 15 CD compact music disc songs!) and you feel better for the duck..he even lets us listening to his Boots make a tap dancing sound when he sings the hilarious MURDER ON THE LINE DANCE FLOOR.its one hundered percent a funny true story about some guy having a bad night and he makes the mistake of deciding to be randomly murdered by cowboys who are jealous of his line dance ability. TOBY made up the story and sings it like a happy bear who just had a great meal…you gotta hear it. He has singalong duet style shared songs with some of the Todays Top 10 Ladys of Country Music of Today, including Gamblin’ Janet who sings I JUST TRIED SCALLIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME, and then along comes Misty Hairbreak who join Toby K. for the fun time dance along song called I TOTALLY DON’T TRUST YOU, and then once more time around the haystack comes Eleanor Pockets who joins him for a crymaker of the most thunder-sounding song named AMERICAN LOVE SAGA: REVENGE OF THE DONKEY. Put on a wig and get ready to flip it, because their is a Whole ox-cart full of jelly donuts of great songs like these one’s: NEVER TICKLE A POLICEMAN, THAT’S JUST HOW DRUNK I AM, MUMBLES THE MAGIC TROLL, YOU BETTER NOT BE PREGNANT, FOR FIVE DOLLARS I WILL KISS YOU, IT’S A REDDI-WHIP MORNING, MY LANDLORD’S A DOPE, SHARING PIE WITH A HOBO, YOU JUST CAN’T TRAIN A ZEBRA and the song that will be spilling out of your truck radio for many miles into the future, the probably most funnest song he ever made, JUST SAY YOU LOVE ME AND I’LL REMOVE THE HANDCUFFS.

THIS guy have made a serious career out of serious fun and now its our turn to enjoy everyhthing and make this music go as loud as possible until someone calls the cops—but guess what the cops will totally love it too,and they’ll be all like ‘OH MAN I LOVE THIS CD DISC OF MUSIC TOO–YOU ARE TOTALLY NOT UNDER ARREST..HEY CAN I HAVE ONE OF THOSE ROOT BEERS?’it will be a real Party to remember! I’ll be there too BRYAN>


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November 28, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy”

  1. Sloan - November 28th, 2008

    Reading this post was kind of like free hugs and root beer…

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