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Twilight Original Soundtrack - BRYAN EVENING

Twilight Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

This album CD of songs is so GREAT they ought to of made a MOVIE from it! its THAT GOOD.

Pros: Sit back and let this story of songs overflow all over the place, with you sitting in the middle of it
Cons: Don’t be worried about Vampires—they are just make believe stories—OR ARE THEY>??

Well, believe me here right now—this unsuual collection of song’s have a great things also—this CD was made out of songs leftover from when they were making a MOVIE involving handsome VAMPIRES driinking everybodys blood, not because it was delicious (have you ever tried it? Worst than cabbage juice and milk chunks put together—not as good as yogurt bombs, though) but because for a Vampires, blood is like gas for a car or soup from a camel. Drink up some cups of blood and you can live longer for a few more days of biting people and sleeping late. Sometimes the vampire (can be man or lady, usually a man, though sometimes a lady gets to be one) meets normal people, gets to be theyre friends then feels sad because he have to drink up all theyre blood—BUT the good thing is, after he bites them on of the face or neck (ears don’t work, not much blood up there) they become Vampires too, and they get to be friends. That makes up the story contain in the movie==the one handsome Vampire has to come to earth to teach the magic of Christmas, and there is a girl who doesn’t believe about it,(she is having problems at her job at the coffee place—no money, bad smells, a guy is acting all WEIRD about having a date with her), so this Vampire (handsomely acted by Larry Storch Jr.) has three days to make this girl believe in the magic of Christmas and start to learn to try to belief in herself and live a active lifestyle.

The girl portrays of the new actress to the Hollywood movie scene, Jane Plump, and she looks like she have a major talent for pretending to have wonderful skills of imagination. So now because of the MOVIE there is this whole CD compact music disc of songs—the songs are about natural Vampire excitement, wondering about ‘Can I kiss a Vampire without getting bited?’ , can vampires fly, what do they eat at a normal meal time can they just eat food or does it always have to be BLOOD?, and then theres also a funny dance song about doing a Vampire dance! its totally going be to the BEST part of your next Vampiure party theme! ITS that GOOD! Trust me on this one…just look at this great expectations of songsa—- TWO FANGS BUT ONLY ONE HEART, I’LL KEEP YELLING UNTIL YOU LOVE ME, LET’S GO TO THE RACE TRACK, I AM ONLY PRETENDING TO BE A PIRATE, INSTANT BISCUITS, BREAKDANCIN’ FEVER, WATERED-DOWN EXCITEMENT, GUESS WHO’S WEARING A HAIRPIECE?, I WON THIS STUFFED ANIMAL FOR YOU and the exploding gas-pack of dancefloor excitement that i was telling you about before, DON’T GET ALL FRANKENSTEIN ON ME. so listen, if you Like Movies and then half to hear the songs again and again after you have watched the movie, then here is a great idea for you to do—go home and buy this album to enjoy re-experienceing all the movie best moments for just before you came out of the movie theater to buy the album an dlisten to it. You dont have to thank me anymore, but just congratualte yourselve on a excellent choice. BRYAN E.


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November 26, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music, New Release

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One Response to “Twilight Original Soundtrack”

  1. Tom Regulare - December 1st, 2008

    As a huge fan buffy and then now twilight, I have to say I think you now may have a point. BUT (and its a big one) This is imporant to say: I like to keep my vampire music apart from my vampire movies. Maybee its just me but I think Im a connisewer when it comes to vamps. To listen to vamp tracks is like your own soundtrack to life. To watch vamps biting in action is like your own movie in life. Right???? Only time can tell i guess (if you will)

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