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Unfinished Business - BRYAN EVENING

Unfinished Business

by R. Kelly & Jay-Z | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

The Shields and Yarnell of rapping R+B music!

Pros: They really have fun teasing each other with songs and rapping
Cons: If you can’t dance to this you’d better think twice about it!

R. (Kelly) and (Jay) Z, two initial letters that spell QUALITY. They have patched up their disagreements over who got to marry or date J-Lo., and they said OK lets call it a draw or a tie. And thats why when they sing THE GIRL IS MINE you cannot help but smile. They have a video for the song too which is great because they throw money at the camera, which I hope others dont start copying that because it was cool to see.
Anyways, when you listen to these performers on this latest CD you will be like OH MAN did they really say that? Because they brag like the following in the song, SHE LIKE ME BETTER: “Jay you gotta let the girl go, she prefers me, this much I know”. – then Jayz says “Not so fast, mister R Kelly, my raps will have you shaken in your sneakers like some jelly. I will win the ladys heart so why don’t you just get a job at the Dairy Queen for a start” then R kelly returns for “Dariy Queen, now jay i know you are not serious, I already have a job, making ladies delirious.” then J comes back and it goes on for about five minutes more with a bunch of drums pounding away. I dont know who wins the battle because it happens on almost every song.
Anyways they made a great deal of fun for everyone to listen to. WHY don’t you give it a listen at youre next parrty. THere’s even a song called HERE COMES THE POSSE which is about a type of party with a lot of people in a small room and you dont know whether to stay or leave because something good may happen after you leave by mistake. and we all know about TTHat feeling/. Other songs tittles are these: HIPPITY HOPPATY BOOGIEDACIOUS KITTEN, PROPS TO THE LORD, JUMPLE DUMPLE, THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED and PROTECTIVE JUMPSUIT. I cant wait to hear this while I take my ice skating lessons this year, its THAT GOod! I like all types of music, do you too. Bryan E. …


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November 12, 2008 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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