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White Trash With Money - BRYAN EVENING

White Trash With Money

by Toby Keith | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

can you say AMERICAN HERO GREATNESS,,??i hope so

Pros: thing about it: you either love this album or you half nevver heard it!
Cons: he looks like he MEANS it!

FINNALLY the best album of the summer time has finally arrived.And who would have think it took a cowboy to deliver the goods but guess what America?Your hero have arrived like on a white horse with a flag and a blanket under the saddle to prevent damage to the horses skin (old horse driving trick) would you welcome, presenting please TONY KEITH! This recording has almost about completely fill with hits. Just listen to this Sears catalog of songs: WHY DON’T THEY MAKE CHEX MIX WITH PEANUTS AND LESS OF THOSE PRETZLES OR BREAD THINGS? , AMERICAN PANCAKES, I LOVE A LADY FROM HAPPYTOWN, I’M JUST A TRUCK DRIVING COMMERICAL, AMERICAN GOOD INTENTIONS, I MADE UP A GREAT NAME FOR MY SON CALLED STELEN, MANDATORY FAST FOOD BREAK, I AM OPEN-MINDED TO A DEGREE, SITTIN’ AND DRINKIN’ AND WRITIN’ A SONG ABOUT IT, AMERICAN THOUGHTS, WHO LET THE DONKEYS OUT?, AMERICAN DONKEYS, I MIGHT JUST KISS THAT GUY AFTER ALL, AMERICAN LARD-BASED ENJOYMENT, and the surefired hit song of the summertime, PRAYS THE LORD AND PASS THE TOBACCO SPIT CUP. If your like me (6 foot, average build, decent at computer skills, friendly, likes to relax or keep it real, sports, dining, pets OK, helpful, dancing i suppose at weddings maybe, can cook a few things, tried college, some TV shows, comaptc car driver, friendly, no smoker, capricorn, sometimes help friends move) then you will have GOT to hear this record from a true american TALENTED fellow! yours from email, bryan evening


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November 11, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “White Trash With Money”

  1. Sloan - November 26th, 2008

    Bryan sure brought his six-shooter to this review, because everything he says is bang-on!

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