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By: Britney Spears | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Her m ost greatest album (CD) since “Oops I Farted In Church”

Pros: What do you do when life hands you a bucket of hard times?
Cons: You mix it up in a dance blender and pour it out on the entire nation…then it becomes a PARTY

Firest of all, WELCOME BACK to Britney Spears who made a brave experiment to leave the front pages of the newspapers and magazines to create a series of small babies with her husband Kenny Logghins. They had lot’s of fun running around or driving if they were in a hurry and their children came along for every minute of the fun. We learned theyre names (Brice, John-Glenn, Trig, and Iron Mike) and watchied them grow up before our eyes and all of a sudden she is practically a greandmother. Good for her! Plus her sister did the same thing and now she also have a bunch of babies climbing up all over her like a monkey looking for a good time. The more the merry.And good for US because she have (Britney)now decided HEY TIME TO MAKE A RECORD (CD of song disc) which tell of her experienced in creating these loveable new life forms (mention above in a list of names—rewind up a little to refresh the names for yourself—I’ll wait) and also make a bunch of fairy tales and children songs that kids off all ages will totally love listening to for their own selves, even if a parent is not forcing them to listen along and have a great time,.

Anyways, since kids also love the CIRCUS, she (Britney) have decided, hey lets make a record that contain all the types of excitements that you might find at a average circus (Yellowtooth the Clown, escaping animals with fangs, bike on a wire, juggle team, see saw jumpers, elephant mess) and let the kids go crazy hopping up and down while they listen. But don’t worry because theire are tons of songs on the record (CD) that the grown ups will love too, filled with wonderful graphic details about how babies can sometimes be made if the man has good dance moves or knows how to open up a bottle of shampainge without exploding all over the limosine. ITS totally fun and youre going to be singing along with this Old World Country Buffet of songs: RUSSIAN DRESSING SMOOTHIE, APE-FACE BOOGIE, MOMMY’S LITTLE SECRET VODKA SUPPLY, FAT PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BLOG, I BARFED IN THE APPLE STORE, RECURRING DONKEY THEME, IS BURL IVES STILL ALIVE?, YOUR MOUTH TASTES LIKE A BAND-AID, PAINFUL DANCE FLOOR SITUATION, CLEAN UP IN AISLE TWELVE and the thumpiest most excitable fun song to ever come blaring out of a small car until you can’t even hear you’re self think anymore but what the heck its THAT good plus its practically summertime already, STOP PHOTOGRAPHING MY YOU KNOW WHAT. Listen folks Britney have made a long long life of great hit music and stories since she escaped from Florida a long time ago. Lets understand her situation and begin a non-stop type of celebration along with her, it might be just the thing our country needs at last. I’ll meet you at the CIRCUS. BRYAN.evening. P.S. NOW you can email me (you half to plug in your computer first…try it, just typ[e the name, make up some words and DO it. thanks


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December 15, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music, New Release

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  1. Sloan - December 15th, 2008

    Bryan is a lion tamer!

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