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Dark Horse

By: Nickelback | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

A great soundtrack of songs from a totally important type of movie

Pros: Listen if you love cowboy styles of movies with a twist then have I got a CD soundtrack for you
Cons: Get ready to enjoy the cowboy boot stomping experience of this romantic comedy

By this era everyone have probably seen “Nickelback Mountain” the cowboy type of movie about the two best friends who meet up to fish and camping trips that helps them get away from the hectic type of city life. Who hasnt felt that way at some type of time, just saying, ENOUGH of this modern workaway world I NEED to get away with a camping (light cooking fires, use fresh dead fish to create a dinner or snack, shoot the bears if they get to close, make a tent out of ordinary canvas and sticks, use carved up spears to kill animals made out of meat for eating, ride a boat all day and talk about it). So these two guys made a camping trip that had all kinds of comedy moments in it (the tent almost fell down—of course the night it decided to rain! The one guy dropped his cell phone into the pond and it got LOST, the fish he ate made one guy have to go number two for a long time and he only had rough-feeling forest items to keep himself clean [sorry to use graphic or crude words, just describing a pure geniuss comedy moment when he runs through the forest without much pants on, being chased by a giant OWL.

You half to remember how funny it was! That was one mad owl!] —anwyways NICKELBACK MOUNTAIN is the perfect movie to go for laughter, and this CD disc of songs has all the best most funniest cowboy songs ever made for one type of funny movie. Listen to this ten gallon headache of songs from this movie: ONE BISCUIT FOR TWO FRIENDS, THE SHAME OF CANADA, LOGISTICAL NIGHTGOWN, A PIE FIGHT WITH GOD, I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO STIR A DRINK, THAT’S NOT A MAN THAT’S A MASCOT, C.P.O. SHARKEY RERUNS HAVE AGED PRETTY WELL, LET MY LOVE OPEN YOUR MOUTH, A KOHL’S GIFT CARD HOW THOUGHTFUL, HOT RUM IN A BABY BOTTLE and the blazing hot pony of sound that is sure to make your jingle jangles, FLAMED ON CRAIGSLIST AGAIN. If you like the old types of cowboy movies where they sometimes make things funny so you dont go crazy from all the tumbleweeds and trying to not get too bited up by a snake, then get NICKELBACK and make someone have the best holiday they could ever of thought of even if they had tons of time to think about it. ITS THAT good from BRYAN.


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December 16, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, DVD review, Music

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  1. Sloan - December 16th, 2008

    Another review from Academy Award viewer Bryan Evening!

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