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My Love - Ultimate Essential Collection - BRYAN EVENING

My Love – Ultimate Essential Collection

By: Celine Dion | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

If you love her song from the unidentified Lady Product Commercial, than you will love having like 2 hours of it playing in this compact music Discks ((CDS).

Pros: She is one half bird, one half angel, one half amateur golfer.
Cons: Who knew that Canadians could bring such American Pride back to music.

Have you ever had a bad dream where you are working at a job or an office and everybody keeps bring you work you half to do and they are like being bossy or yelling saying COME ON HURRY UP TIME TO DO THE WORK and you are kind of almost crying beccause you cant finish it and they keep coming back with more stacks of papers and you are tempted to almost freak out about it? Then you wake up and you are like MAN WHAT A BAD DREAM. Well, listen…this is like a bad dream of music like your dream you were just talking about, but BETTER. This time, the hits of CD music songs keeps coming at you all the time, but it’s GREAT instead of being something that make you cry or run away from the job without even quitting to anyone, just running and running like a flaming horse or a speedboat in a spy chase. So listen CELINE DION (initials CD! Is that a mistake or on purpose! ) have made about hundreds of hits songs during a long time of her career, and now someone finally said, HEY MAN lets put them all one on CD of music and people can have a whole thing to listen to without have to get up and just walk across the room to pick out only the good songs, then go back and try and finish dinner before it get cold.

ITS ALL on one CD of music, all with the great emotion voice of Celine Dion, yelling about how sad or happy she is (depending on the song).ITs like she swallowed a whole symphony plus a book of poems and then did gargling with perfume and let it fly all over the place—-right on top of us, all the time. You have to listen, if you love hearing songs made up about love sung by someone who can make loud sounds with her singing voice—so you know she must mean it—ITS THAT GOOD. You cant believe this whole cranberry sandwich of songs she made up and yelled about and then squozed them all onto one or two CD music compact song disc. ITS ALL RIGHT here, like fancy butter on hot bread that you eat before dinner to ruin youre appetite but you cant help it its THAT good. Her’s the list of some songs right now HOMEMADE PEANUT BRITTLE, LET’S PRINT UP MILLIONS OF PAMPHLETS TO HELP SAVE THE RAIN FORESTS, SMART BELTED PANTS SUIT, LET’S DRINK TO GOOSE GOSSAGE, GO-KART SUMMER, THEY NAMED A VIRAL INFECTION AFTER ME, I FOUND MY THRILL ON WINDHAM HILL, DRUNK DIAL SLUMBER PARTY, WAS FRASIER REALLY THAT FUNNY?, SCREECHING MY LOVE FOR YOU RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, PLAY THAT BOO-BOO STICK, NORWEGIAN CHURCH BURNING DARK OPUS IN G MINOR, YOUR LOVE IS A SAD MISTAKE and the heart crunching song she sang to her twin daughters, Phalopia and Bernina Sewing Machine Dion on a beaufitufl Christmas television program recently on the television called ACCIDENTAL DOLPHIN AROUSAL. Man you should of seen it—it made my face cry…SO you got the idea, Celide Neon have a beautymaking voice that will make you stop whatever you are doing and say “WHO IS THAT and how can I properly thank her for the tears?” TrUST ME and Happy Holidays if you celebrate them from BRYAN. Evening.


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December 2, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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  1. Sloan - December 2nd, 2008


    I have spoken to my neighbor, Monseigneur Plamondon, and he has agreed to petition on your behalf for the upcoming Anglophone Aimable (literally translated: Kind Anglophone) Award. This is the highest honour that the Québecois can bestow upon an non-francophone.

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