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Take It To The Limit - BRYAN EVENING

Take It To The Limit

By: Hinder | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

H”inerd creates a sound that matches completely with their fashion, hairstyles, etc. ITS THAT GOOD.

Pros: When I first heard of these guys I was like FINALLY—MUSIC for my generation.
Cons: Whether you are listening to them or just looking at a picture, its the exacat SAME amount of excellence and musical quality. WELLD ONE Hinder.

Okay look at it this way—Hinder just came on to the musical industry scene and its like all of a sudden everybody is like WHOA Who let the dogs out?HOW did these guys get here?WHATS theyre story?HOW did they get to be so good when only like two weeks ago nobody every heard of them or could not rememeber hearing about them even if they did. AND then, everybody got into a huge agreement—Hinder is a fine assortment of associated music players, everyone inside the band lives near a Kohl’s because theyre excellent assortment of fun types of clothings are purchased from their, just by shopping, and you can see it when they are standing around looking cool and comfortable in their clothings, available at a great local Kohl’s shoipping store. Look around, I bet you have one. Try it out, because if you like the music Comapact CD disc of Hinder, you will easily want to stand around looking like them in an assortment of clothes like shirts or pants that have a fun look.

What about the MUSIC I can practically hear you askingyoure computer, okay OK! I am about to tell you if you just listen for a minute. HINDER (If anyone can tell me if it rhymes with binder or it rhymes with cinder, please let me know by a email letter THANKS) make a music sound that says Come on, America, Let Me Be Youre Best Friend. And you know what? Its THAT GOOD. Seriously this is a CD you’ll will want to be best friends with, evenb if you don’t listen to it. Even if it just sitting there it is totally like having a best friend that wants to do everything you want to do (eat pizza twice in one day, do video games, ask someone how to fix a bike, read a story, think about fish, go to Kohl’s, get invited to a picnic—-you GET the idea, there’s lot’s to do in the world, and Hinder want to do them too, with you, so just ask them. ) Listen they made a whole burning hospital wagon full of exciting music songs which will make you feel like you have the best cowboy shirt Kohl’s ever made—listen they are all here—LUCIFER’S STUNT DOUBLE, HILARIOUS EXPLODING TOY FOR INFANTS, ODOR-FILLED LADY, THURSDAY WELD, AN APE STOLE MY WINE, LET’S BOOGIE OVER TO KOHL’S, HOORAY GUM FOR DINNER AGAIN, THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE IN THESE PANTS, A BUMMER OF AN INFECTION, I GOT THIS VOTE FOR PEDRO SHIRT AT KOHL’S and the number one thumpmaker of a drive-by hit song that you’ll won’t be forgetting any time soon, the great summer jam that exploded all over eveyrbody, GRANDPA’S ELECTRIC TRUSS. Listen, you understand ho w important is the deal with music—it’s great to listen to it, everybody knows that. So if you think WOW how can it get any better? then just wait until you add Adolph HINDER to your musical CD disc of music collection—you’llbe like MAN what took me so long? I wont say any more about it. now its up to YOU.


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December 1, 2008 • Tags:  • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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One Response to “Take It To The Limit”

  1. Sloan - December 1st, 2008

    This post takes it to the limit… of my mind!

    P.S. I believe that it would rhyme with cinder.

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