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Do The Right Thing - BRYAN EVENING

Do The Right Thing

By: Mike Huckabee | Music?

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Caution Warning: Be prepared for new kind of musical Exeperience from this guy!

Pros: I was all ready to start singing along, but the singing part never came
Cons: Instead I got like a fairy tale kind of story mix with one guys just talking about Lifetimes in America, which if you thing about it is the BEST place to live and have a lifetime. Well done MIKE

This was s a surprise to me in terms of buying a album CD of great or crazy tunes or some called them JAMS sessions for dancing, playing, running, thinking, skipping. You get the idea. So I was making my trip down to RECORD SWAMP –great fun store,they know my name all the time, we totally joke around each time (stop first for a gigantic slice of pizza from Brusky’s they are half price after 2 because of staleness from being left over from lunch, you just pick off the hard parts of the cheese and it perfectly fine to eat, trust me it is the best deal in town, plus you get refills on the Mountain Dew Code Red from the machine) thinking about maybe “I can’t wait to pick up a compact music disc of some sweet jam sessions.” And then all of a sudden I saw this compact disc and I was like OKAY finally maybe I should try grown ups music, where the guy wears a coat and tie and sings in a smooth voice about a lady he loved in the war, or President Hoover’s flying machine, and plays a banjo and says 23 skidoo and Llincoln too. (Abraham). So I thought okay this guy looks like he is happy, has a good handshake and smells like Old Spice which is the finest minty American colone youcan ever think of. Trust me ITS THAT GOOD.the best smell ever He looks like he would call you Champ if you did something good or bad as long as you tried to do your best. Then he would say Wash your hands for dinner Champ while he reads the paper on a couch and the Mom makes something for dinner that has gravy and pototas.

I bet he would. So I was ready to hear a guy singing songs about how America has the best ladys in practically anywhere else in the world, how the night time is the right time, how fancy new inventions are a headache sometimes, and that kind of stuff. But instead it was just MIKE HUCKLEBERRY just talking. He didn’t stop once during the whole time these six CD discs were blasting away, just talk, no music at all just a mention of one song (discs Three and Four are devoted entirely to discussing FLY LIKE AN EAGLE by Steve Miller, Mike feel this is the song that best describe America in a current way, why it need to be started as the new Amercia National Anthem, etc. It is amounts to almost four hours of interesting discussion on one great classic rock song). HE tell storys about how when he was a boy he tried eating old cat food to make himself sick to stay home from school and missed the day at school where everyuone had ICE CREAM as a special surprise and he was home in the bathroom with a green face all day —IT was a hilarious story and it still is. Then he talks about getting in a knife fight with a security guard, (the guy thought he was shop lifiting which he was but it was only a fancy necklace for his wifes birthrday, COME ON give the guy a break he was just starting out and he accidentall drank a bottle of wine at lunch time)but then they both walked away hugging and being best friend’s about it even to this day. The he makes up a story about how come the country (USA) should take over the world with exicteing power and rockets red glare, that we should welcome other people to enjoy our type of life style, which include popcorn every night as a snack, excellent television programs, vaction trips to Disney, mediumn size pets in every house, and more.

?He have about ten hundred great ideas in this compact music CD disc of no songs, so give yourself a try and listen to MIKE while he gets down to business.


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January 27, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, audio book, CD review

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One Response to “Do The Right Thing”

  1. Sloan - January 27th, 2009

    In the immortal words of Huckabee himself: “I’m pretty sure there will be duck-hunting in heaven and I can’t wait!”.

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