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High School Musical 3: Senior Year - BRYAN EVENING

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

By: Original Soundtrack | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

This music disc CD take all your greatest memories of high school, puts them in a song, put the song in a bag of gasoline and then set it on FIRE with a explosion of happiness all over the place!

Pros: You will be singing along so loudly you might not even hear the CD!
Cons: So find a comfortable volume; listen to a great song CD LOUD but also be able to hear everything while you sing along, so you’ll are singing the right notes (THIS CD include a lesson—like school, of the right notes and words to sing.you don’t want to miss it or be tardy).s

TALKE about a dream’s coming true: This lunch buffet assortment of good times created one of the most popular movies of all times to ever have been seen by tons of mostly kids, especially when their all just running crazy in the movie theater not even watching the thing, just singing and dancing and going nuts while the movie is playing. ITs a crazy scene, I hope you enjoy that kind of stuiff. So anyways, they have made up a movie story and throw a bunch of songs inside of it, and they started filming. Everyboday had a great time, and so did we, just by sitting back and enjoying the thing. Heres how the story part goes: Sasha is a lonely teenager who is too shy to know that she is talented en ough to win the big annual singing contest at Hitler Valley High School. Tom is voted Mr. Handsome Go Lucky every year and now that he is a senior, he almost tries to flunk so he can keep the winning streak going. Plus he is scared deep down of college, growing up, and has a hidden secret of his own (his voice hasn’t really changed; he is just making it sound deeper with pills and faking; until he learns that he might be doing medical damage to his body and won’t make the football team.) I won’t disrupt the ending, but believe me it’s a happy one. Everyone gathers in the school lunch tent, and they have fun singing, teasing the teachers and having a giant knife fight. The football team waves enormous chains, the nerds (kids who like science or have glasses—plus dont they know that you shouldnt roll up your pants like halfway to the knee cap? If you do that, man you are going to be called a nerd for sure—-just a opinion here) start a fire around the principal, the police come on the scene with exploding face gas to calm them down but it makes them sing another song; it’s a great way to remember the best years of your lifes or even try to think about finding a old school partner with your new computer (I just got one, its all hooked up the right way now) and having a dance party of youre own, even with fire if you can get some. Listen to this overdue library book of songs from this once in a lifetime channel movie: GREASY POISON LUNCH, I GOT THOSE SECOND SEMESTER THIRD TRIMESTER BLUES, LET’S KICK THE SMALL GUY, YOU ARE STUPID AND I AM GREAT, THE SLOWEST RUNNER IN THE WORLD, WHO CARES THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT SCIENCE?, THE GIRL THAT WENT ON A LOT OF DATES, THE NOSE-PICKING TEACHER, SYMPATHY FOR THE JANITOR, LUNCH LADY (I THINK IT’S A LADY), A SMOKY-SMELLING SOPHOMORE, A NIGHTMARE CALLED DEBBIE, A HOSTAGE SITUATION WITH THE DEAN, DRUNK NURSE, FERRET IN THE LIBRARY and the biggest dance time final song wherevery one is friends again and who cares because we are all going to college anyway (or working in the Copy Store making copys on sheets of paper and getting to wear a smock with a name tag on it) GET OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER. See the movie play the music CD disc and dig that yearbook out of that one box that was in the flood a couple years ago—this is a great music creation that we all will love.


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  1. Sloan - January 14th, 2009

    This review made me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

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