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By: Seal | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Imagine you live in a country where there is only one law: Everybody boogie on the dance floor!

Pros: Beware of dangerous fun—as soon as you hear this you will begin to dance in a immediate fashion
Cons: This guy have made a record of compact CD song discs music that will create a unavoidable boogie situation. ITS THAT GOOD!

OKAY Soul have made a record called SEAL about making everybody simply getting down to boogie, because let face it—the world needs one thing right now. First off, money, because nobody have any remaining. Second the basic food groups, every day. Then, some clothes that correspond to the weather. Finally, you guess it, a opportunity to BOOGIE down! Thing about it: nobody have said it was time to boogie since 1974 when that was all anybody said (true fact! look up the history books under the section call MUSIC, it was like BOOGIE was the law),so SEAL said okay enough i cant take it no more, I demand that we introduce a boogie situation to the world. But how do we do it? I know lets make a CD of music in which it gives everybody one order: get out the chair and start to BOOGIE. So he called up the band and they were like COOL we were just sitting around playing the new video game thing you gave us, thanks by the way it’s really fun, Jimmy has the high score. Ettc. Then SeAL was like, okay you guys need some exercise for a change. Time to stop vetgatation around the bean bag chair up and at them. SO they unplugged the thing for a minute and got started on the BOOGIE. And just listen to this bouncing trampoline of fun time dancing songs ., and assorted boogie items that he have made like practically a menu with instructions of dancing and having a good time on it: COLORADO GOLD MINE DISASTER BOOGIE, ELECTRIC HEADACHE PARTS ONE AND TWO, EMERGENCY EYE SOCKET SURGERY BOOGIE, COLOMBO SAVES THE DAY AGAIN, DON’T THROW UP IN A LIBRARY, WHO BURNED DOWN THE RADIO SHACK?, REAL ESTATE MOGUL MURDER MYSTERY BOOGIE, I STEPPED IN SOMETHING SQUISHY, and the number one song of his career, made famous from the discount shoe outlets commercial, ROTTEN TOOTH BOOGIE. Seal got the whole band back together (Dr. Lemons on trombone, Heiler Voorgesun on drums machine, Aloysious Thrandle on bass, Jip-Jop the King of guitar and Stunning Mike Landry on the piano) and the result is resulted in just one word and that word Is BOOGIE. Hope you are have a great 2009 BRYANE.


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January 13, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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  1. Sloan - January 13th, 2009

    I saw a seal at the aquarium once…

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