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Working On A Dream - BRYAN EVENING

Working On A Dream

By: Bruce Springsteen | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

I hope you like CD records of music that contain a gigantic EXPLOSION of rock music

Pros: Listen, this fellow have been making music history since before music was old enough to have history
Cons: And then guess what—he decided to keep making music and getting better at it and making the music EXPLODE all over the place like putting a egg in a microwave (BAD IDEA, but makes a great explostion)

First off all, thanks to everybody that have wrote in to this website or made a commentary on the record CD music compatc disc review comments part —- i feel like a man honored at a big meeting where everyone is talking about him in a happy situation, taking theyre turns with giving speeches about ‘oh I remember this one time, we have a funny thing happen to us…’ and then they tell the storie and you are like ‘oh MAN I cant believe he is telling that story i am embarassed to the point of having a redness in the face and a tummy that feels like i ate a stale fish that was still jumping around. BUT since I made this web set on INTERNET (hint: you need a computer to read item on Internet; they have them at Radio Shack or at Electri-City or The Sound Dump over in the Preston Sturgess Mall—email me for drireciotns) but what I wwan tto say is THANK for reading this web site on youre computer. Some times people would probably get upset uf they are talking to each other about, ‘HEY MAN this music compact CD is GREAT’ and the other guy is ‘NO WAY what are t you talking about, this thing is not even good enough for the garbage’ and then the first guy is like ‘WHAT aert you talking about you have frozen cement in your EAR sockets!’ and then the second guy is like ‘OKAY time for a knife fight’, etc. Et.

You get the idea—it can get bad. But I made this idea about a web computer siutatuion where theyre could be ideas and words that express certain thoughts about a musics compact CD disc, from one guys point of view without every body getting all hotted up about it until there was a knife fight and some body had to call for back up. NOT here. This was all about music, listening to it, hearing it, whether or not to buy it, what the songs are called who is the guy or the lady making the reord CD disc, how is it describe, what it s good about it, if there’s any bad about it, what are the best song, what does it make you feel like maybe a little bit of history about the musician’s making the music, what do I thing about it ETC ECT YOU get the idea. So, with all those ideas I made up this computer web situation and all you half to do is click on a certain place with youre computer and BOOM there (here) it is—this website for talking about music. You can send commentary, aor a email (like a letter, but done with electrical invisible circuits—much faster) I willl read them all with my thanks to you. Then I will get readyu to revierw and talk about the next music CD compant disc, right HERE on this web site available to INTERNET. Thanks guys—YOURE THAT Good! Bryan!


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January 29, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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  1. Sloan - January 29th, 2009

    Message to my fellow unwashed masses: Bryan Evening has raised his golden visage and given us a big thumbs up!

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