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By: Franz Ferdinand | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

KNOCK KNOCK Whos there? GUESS WHO—it’s the Bahamas best disco band

Pros: you wont believe it, even if you hear it ITS THAT GOOD
Cons: lets get right to the review I cant wait to tell you all about FRANCE FERNANDO

First off all WOW these guys keep making record music CD disc compact songs like once times a year—nobody does that anymore because everyone is too busy taking theyre time but not these Blokes. They were like 1,2,3,4 roll the tape here comes another song.well guess who is lucky enough to get hit in the face with this type of music? Its you and me, the listeners. I remember the first time I saw these guys on Dave Kirnsher’s Midnight Rock Party (starring Shaun Na Na, Ted Leo and Wolfman Jack( I thought, did I fall asleep and wake up on the exact day that New Wave was invented? Then I looked at a clock and realized everything was normal—accept that there was this great new band on the scene and all of a a sudden I could not get never enough of their scratchy sound with the singer sounding like he had a hiccup or electric shock inside his throat, but in a totally good way.

I felt like I should have writed them a letter saying Thanks For Teaching Our Country How To Dance Again, Rance Feridnand! I wonder would they of written back? Probably maybe not. So who knows just a year later here they are back again with another great type of dancing sensation filled with crazy songs and stories together in one CD music disc of song. It’s THAT GOOD. Hold on to your beach bucket because here are the songs from this amazing and gifted band; THAT’S NOT A BANJO THAT’S A NIGHTMARE, TEENAGE MIND CONTROL, FAN MAIL FROM SOME FLOUNDER, THE FATTEST DUDE IN THE WORLD, WELL MOTT MY HOOPLE, OOM PA PA MAMA, DAY OLD MAYO IN A VENGEFUL SANDWICH, RUSTY ROCKET OF ROMANCE, OH LET’S JUST MAKE OUT and the life pounding thriller that will make you be thankful that your ears work HOW SAD IS THAT REPLACEMENTS REUNION GOING TO BE? I would talk more but Steve Trotts is on the phone—two words PIZZA NIGHT coming up! bryan


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February 2, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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  1. Sloan - February 2nd, 2009

    Sometimes I think my fish are disgusted with me…

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