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Eminem - RelapseBy: Eminem | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

“Remember this guy who did a bunch of shouting (name ‘rap’ music because its only talking without singing at all) well he came back with the summer time party reocrd of the YEAR even though it still cold breezes out of doors.”

Pros: This collection of rhyme words will make a headphone explosion if you let it —ITS THAT GOOD
Cons: This collection of rhyme words songs is like having the world most greatest party over and over again.

Listen to this-a lot’s of people think OK THIS RAP music have to be angry—shouting along at the top of youre breath about teasing a rival in a playful manner about how much your going to murder them;;or other times aRAP song will say HEY STOP PRETEND to be such a big shot I AM THE TOP RAPPING STAR and then the next think you know everybody is freaking out with angry sadness and big clomping disco drumb eats and you forget what time it is and you just start yelling along—in other words, pure FUN. Well gues WHAT EMEMEIN have make a CD disc of song with a fun time storie for every one to listen with and totally jam out—he’s like I DON’T CARE if your a MOM and DAD a CHILD a ESTRANGED WIFE a POLICE MAN or whatever—lets al hold hands and stand in a quiet circle and thing about how much FUN America have to offer. Here is the story about this CD disc of song—its about a child call Donny who grew up on a farm at which they grow nothing expect Vidalia Onions, the sweetest kind with the best smell too, unless their rotten and forget about it—bad news all over.

But He got dreaming about life without the farm and about taking off his overall pants and running free in the breezes towards a golden happiness. He was dreaming all the time but his Father was yelling at him CONCENTRATE YOU MESSED UP ANOTHER ONION!! Then Donnie got sad and worried but still had some dreaming to do before lunchtime and got weirded out when he thought a owl was talking to him weirdly, then Donnie was like WHOA, but it was too late—he drove the tractor straight sideways in to the barn, and crashed it up, made the tractor all broken not too mention the barn which was practically crushed up splinters.

The owl laughed and flied away mysteriously SO then he was like MAN time to had better run away, and off he goes into the Big City Down The Road, where he meet nine kinds of strangers who give him the creeps but teach him how to celebrate his personality with shouted out rhymes about The Old School, being friendly, dancing animals, brushing youre teeth all the time, and etc. ITS THAT GOOD! You gotta here it for yourselfs because he have made a Classic Rapping CD disc of song. It have twenty tons of songs practically some of them are: I’D DRINK MUD IF THERE WAS VODKA IN IT, THE HISTORICAL BEARD GROWING CONTEST OF 1899, THAT RINGTONE MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A SISSY, FUNTIME PARTY AT ALPHABET JUNCTION, LET’S THROW SOME ROCKS, I’M ANGRY ABOUT POLITICS, FRESH FROSTING ON A POISON CAKE, BIG GALS WHO WALK FAST, and the funnest but partly sad song also on this music CD compact disc, EAT THE RABBIT ALREADY.

Listen if you are like me than you love having fun times expeically when some one else is having a loud yelling rap song about what fun you are having at the exact same time. Its like a perfect situation—every body wins. Go out and buy this and open it up and have some on show you how to use the compact disc playing thing.


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May 25, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music

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4 Responses to “Relapse”

  1. Sloan - May 26th, 2009

    Bloody Hell! It’s been a while since we had a review.

  2. CaptainTrips84@gmail.com - May 27th, 2009

    I like The Dead review (what can i say I am a Deadhead from way back , ’82) but this one doesnt make sense. Not a big rap fan anyways, so no biggie.

  3. Encino Man Part Two - July 1st, 2011


  4. Pellman - November 13th, 2011

    Need more views. Keep Em coming…get it

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