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Here and Now – NICKELBACK

By Nickelback | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

Nickelback - Here and Now“Ladies and gentle man the superhorse powerstar rock team called Of NICELBACK have just came back for a reminding of how classic rock can sound if they have a guy at the front who make a grunting kind of situation into a heavy dose of rock song—best EVER for putting the petal to the metal and flying through Smokey and THE BANDIT country. Just forget about thining you might maybe not have a good time, cause you wont it Will BE GREAT its THAT GOOD.”

Pros: Maybe someplaced a lady broked his heart so got about nine kinds of great songs about it—sorry he had misery, but now we get to have some of it too.
Cons: Finally we get to hear what it sounds like when a world champion cage fighter sounds like making music for everyone to hear about it.

OKAY so you know the story by now that these guys have rode down from CANADA in a cramped up jalopy to escape all the coldness and the easy way of lifestyle up their where no body have to pay for anything except blankets because of the cold and walrus fat blubber juice to drink to provide safety to small children without freezing because of coldness. They were like ENOUGH, let’s Move to FLORIDA USA where the peopole all live who know whats going on and they will probably immediately like are music if we grunt it loudly and slowly so we don’t confuse anybody. Like two week later, all of AMERICA (still number one for five years in a ROW)is singingalong with NICKELBACK. It was like a punishment to not listen to them because one time that you do you are hooked like a blind dolphibn in a spiked net—and twice as delicious. So LISTEN—they drive all around AMERICA through the dusty praries, through the marble coastline and up through the native areas where the radio sounds like a jumble, driving all the time, grunting theyre song out to anybody who borrowed them a soda pop bottle with the kind you could of get five cent back for a deposit, so BOOMN theyre came the name NICKJELBACK and they were Like;whata great name for a band, lets choose it for us. It was not long after that that AMERCIA was LIKE welcome to the US boys, you have made some great music and we have just finally got around to liking you because there was not many other choices we had, so you got your turn now, thanks for make such a pleasant grunting racket where the one guy at the beginning of the group just make everything sound serious—that how we like it here in US off A especially in FLORIAD where the good times come up to eat you like a crockagator,. One of natures most fiercest animals ever. And LOOK thjey are still making this music today and the main guy barelyu even sound like he have got a sore throat for all that grunting he loves to do always. Listen to this silver coated grandma blanket of hits and songs: SHE DOTH SPORT A TIDY DOWRY, EAT THE DRAGON, A BLOG ALL ABOUT FARTS, JUMPCAKES, I DARE YOU TO STOP PUNCHING ME, MAN THAT WAS ONE BOOZY LADY, WAYLAND FLOWERS AND MADAM TO BLOCK, DREAMFINGER, FRESH PANTS ON AN INFECTED HOBO, COOKING WITH PEPPER SPRAY and the song they played for the guys in the moon rocket to remind them how fun it was to travel so far away, PELTED AT THE FESTIVAL. Foilks you just cant find anything else like this goodtime jam session so buy a copy and get ready to have a face that is like you just glued a SMILE on it FOREVER.


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November 28, 2011 • Tags: , • Posted in: 5 Stars!, CD review, Music, New Release

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  1. Jerry - November 28th, 2011

    This literally makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not that I am a fan of the band, but this just seems to be computer-generated nonsense. What good is this doing anyone?

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