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Lulu - Lou Reed and Metallica - BRYAN EVENING

Lulu – Lou Reed and Metallica

Lulu - Lou Reed and MetallicaBy Lou Reed & Metallica | Music

Overall: 5 stars
Lyrics: 5 stars
Music: 5 stars

“MAN OH MAN this is like a one big overdeflated beach ball of SUNSHINE sprinkling down in a bucket of good times to Be enjoy by ANYONE who like good times—can you imagine a hug that last all day long? Given by a pleasant expert name Randy? Then say hello to your ears and warn them that GREAT time are ahead for them due to this MAGIC experence!”

Pros:  ITS like two teams that a fierce deicded. Okay let not have a game against each other with only one can win, lets make this up together for a bunch of noise and get everybody let to win!
Cons:  One you put it on inside your Compac Disc playing machine, you well have a open mouth of not being able to believe yourself! ITS THAT GOOD!

Every bunch of times in a while you go MAN HOW DID I get to be lucky enough to understand and enjoy all this type of good time which is exploding all around me like someone gave a hungry Donkey a Hot Foot (old mean cartoon trick made out of matches to create a bad temper). Then along comes a unbelieveable creation that is one part wheelbarrow, the other part Funny CAR drag race car and the other part space powered submarine. The last part is just a guy sitting there.Lou REED famous for making grunting sounds with a band that made a big deal about saying how much they didn’t care that they didn’t eaven sound like they ever wanted to even ever bother about not even taking a single music lesson on a instruement, combine with the Metallica band famous for making SWEDISH blast furnace good times music for people holding a party in there car right over near the state line, Usuaully in darkeness on a Friday or staruday night. Forget about the COPS!And going Way FAST about it too –so they met up in a record Studio and they were all like OKAY WHO HAS the first IDEA? And LOU was like, count it off not to fast one two three, and he start singing the First song on LULU, called “There Is No Heaven Like A Bob Evans Breakfast” and the band METALAICA is clearly being excited to get there chance to just bang away like they just invented amplifiers and they half to hurray before the landlord sprays the dogs on them. You can almost hear the smiles. But then when you are listening and your all Like MAN THIS IS enough for ME I can be HAPPY just to here this thing once, they are like NO WAY SIT DOWN because we have about a TON TO TWO TONS of music left to melt on your FACE like a hydraulic decommissioned sanctifying redundancy clearance expert halitosis exlposslion.! The music JUST KEEP coming at you like nothing ever did before, until you almost half to want to ask the CD to hold on a Second while you let yourselve catch your breath inside your scared Heart. Listen to this one-drop gaucho stirrup handbasket of songs listed: GOOD GOLLY MISSACHUSETTES, TAKE A WALK ON THE SANDMAN, THE BOOGIE THAT HURTS PEOPLE, WAITING FOR MY MISTAKE, THROWING UP IN PUBLIC, DON’T PUNCH MY DREAMS IN THE FACE, BALLAD OF THE SOILED NECKBRACE, MUNGO JERRY STRIKES AGAIN, HASSLE STREET, MUMBLES VS. CLENCH THROAT, (TODAY IS) KING EDDIE ROESER’S BIRTHDAY, SOMETIMES I JUST EAT A WHOLE THING OF BUTTER, THE DAY THE SAXOPHONE CRIED ITSELF TO DEATH and the one song that make you get up and Dance like you owned a golden tomorrow from a pony named Forever, TAKE THAT LADY TO LUNCH! Just sit up for one second a Look Around—this Lifetime is a Great PLACE to be, and we have a Lot of Chance to be great about it., just thing about it for a change why dont you for once. This Compac Discs of song is like a flower that can talk like a human being and it says Here IS SOMETHING awesome for everyone, so get up close and take a Big SNIFF until youre face is all filled up with the Smell because you’ll will LOVE IT! WEELCOME BACK to music history Lou Red and METALLIC! Glad to be hurting with enjoyment thanks to YOU!


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  1. brYAn FAn!!! - November 21st, 2011

    Bryan — where have you been???!!! I’ve missed your spot on and thoughful reviews. YOURE THAT GOOD! So glad you’re back with another excellent review — just in time to help with my holiday shopping!

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