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Meet Bryan

Mr. Bryan Evening

Mr. Bryan Evening

HELLO from BRYAN E. Since owning and doing typing of ideas on my first computer, I have discovered a Good WAY to explain happy explanations of great RECORDS review. It’s EASY becase all you have to do is type it on the keyboard computer, explain it to the INTERNET, then your all set ready to go. I decided to make a all 100% web site (computer needed) to the INTERNET, and all of a sudden you pay the guy, he asked a few questions and BOOM here it comes. A website with MY NAME on it, make it easy to find out where it is an ALL the latest record (Usual CD compact disc) reviews, but I may do other types then also, if they’re s enough room on the INTERNEt. So all you have do to to make it easy to read it is just type in the name of the website (USE computer, the other way takes too long) and your computer will travel through the wires to the website and bring it back to your computer in like one second, then you will just read it (record CD compact disc reviews) made by BRYAN E. on the computer. Easy to understand! Like MAGIC! Try it! ITS That GOOD!

Bryan Evening

3 Responses to “Meet Bryan”

  1. Chris Punsalan - June 4th, 2010


    I’m a big fan of your blog, it’s helped me discover a lot of great new music! 

    Here is a short video I made satirizing indie rock called “Nothing is Cool”. I think you’ll enjoy it.



  2. Laird Michaels - September 21st, 2011

    I think Mr. Evening needs to get a life and stop denigrating the sensitive art of serious music criticism.

  3. Laird Michaels - September 21st, 2011

    Mr. Evening is obviously a foreigner with only a hamster’s command of the English language. Serious music criticism needs to stand up to him and his neophytic musical perceptions.

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